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User Experience Toolkit

Recognition Rather then Recall

Create interfaces that make objects, actions, options and directions visible or easily retrievable.

Avoid Codes

Take a look at the sandwich below (any time you see a post-it note... the relevant information is probably not as readily at hand as necessary). Each sandwich has a code - choose Falafel or Chicken Shawerma, then you'll have to keep the code in short term memory as you peruse the coded tin foil sandwiches in search of your desired sustenance. This was efficient for the preparer, but not for the user.

coded sandwich

Avoid Extra Hurdles

Sometimes intermediate screens can be eliminated by choosing a sensible default view to present to the user while making alternative views and options available from that screen. Consider the ticket website screen below - a reasonable default page would be "Today's shows" with multiple search options made available persistently on each page.

confusing ticket search screen

Recognition with Previews

When users need to make a selection, consider ways to give them the ability to view information that can assist them in making their choice. Visual previews and expandable details are both powerful techniques to aid in recognition.

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