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User Experience Toolkit

Labeling Standards

To arrive at a standard, research is done to ascertain the most popular modern web usage along with user experience best practices to support the decision.

The following is a list of standard labels/terms, followed by definition/usage examples.

Sign In, Sign Out
Sign In, Sign Out are the standard instead of Log In and Log Out and other variations.
Previous, Next
Previous, Next are the standard instead of back, forward, continue for navigational buttons.
Indicates required fields
"Indicates required fields" is the standard instead of "Denotes required field".
Username is the standard instead of User ID.
Date of Birth
"Date of Birth" should be spelled out instead of abbreviated.
As a form field label, SSN, the abbreviation for Social Security Number can be abbreviated with the proper use of the abbr tag, with a title of "Social Security Number". See Tooltips Documentation.
Date field's placeholder and representation format should be presented to the user with the use of slashes and not dashes. In addition, it should be presented in lowercase. When a Year is present, it is preferred to be in four characters. This is so that the Year field can be specific.

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