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User Experience Toolkit

Icon Library

A list of all of the pre-defined class names used to implement button and inline icons.

Refer to the Buttons Overview or Inline Icons documentation for usage.

Icon Class Libaray
Icon CSS class Name Description
Save save Save
Edit edit Edit
Up arrow_up Up
Down arrow_down Down
Left arrow_left Left
Right arrow_right Right
Upload upload Upload
Download download Download
Up Arrow up Up Arrow
Down Arrow down Down Arrow
next Next
previous Previous
Refresh refresh Refresh
Return arrow_return Return
Undo arrow_turn_left Undo
Redo arrow_turn_right Redo
Attach attach Paper Clip
Calculate calculator Calculator
No cross No
Yes check Yes
Add add Add
Delete delete Delete
Error notice Error
Important exclamation Important
Stop stop Stop
Information information Information
Flag flag Flag
Page page Page
View page_magnify View
Search magnifier Search
Note note Note
Print printer Print
Phone telephone Phone
email email
Preferences wrench Preferences
Group group Group
Urgent urgent Urgent
Folder folder Folder
Link link Link
Trash Can trash Trash Can
Help help Help

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