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User Experience Toolkit

Change Log

  • Current version is 0.4.14
Type Description Section Version
[New Feature] New headers and footers have been added to the standard template Code 0.4.14
[Doc Update] Following UX supported libraries have been updated:
  • Chosen Selector Component 0.10.0 > 1.0
  • Full Calendar 1.6.1 > 1.6.4
  • Sugar JS 1.3.9 > 1.4.1
  • Text Expander 1.4.5 > 1.4.7
  • VideoJS 4.0.3 > 4.2.1
Code 0.4.10
[New Feature] Pill Button Styles Code 0.4.10
[Enhancements] Expandables and Navigation accessbility enhancements. Additional documentation on: Local Navigation, Content Expandables, Container Expandables Code 0.4.10
[Doc Update] Following UX supported libraries have been updated:
  • jQuery 1.7.2 > 1.10.1
  • jQuery UI 1.8.21 > 1.10.1
  • Data Tables 1.9.1 > 1.9.4
  • Full Calendar 1.5.3 > 1.6.1
  • Sugar JS 1.2.5 > 1.3.9
  • VideoJS 3.2 > 4.0.3
  • Client Side Validation 2.5.3 > 2.6.1
  • Chosen Selector Component 0.9.8 > 0.10.0
  • DynaTree 1.2.1 > 1.2.4
  • Text Expander 1.4.2 > 1.4.5
Code 0.4.9
[New Feature] Dismissible Messages Code 0.4.9
[New Feature] Light Popovers Style Code 0.4.9
[New Feature] Distinctive Table Columns and Rows Code 0.4.9
[New Feature] Input Error Styles Code 0.4.9
[New Feature] New Tooltips Library Code 0.4.9
[New Feature] Remove Row Stripping Code 0.4.9
[New Feature] Indented Paragraphs Code 0.4.9
[New Feature] Added Accessibiilty Scanner Code 0.4.9
[Doc Update] New Design Section and Pages: Design 0.4.8
[Doc Update] New Wireframing Section and Pages: Wireframing 0.4.8
[Doc Update] Page Level Changelogs Removed All 0.4.8
[Change] Form Layout class changed to ux-form. See Form Layout Documentation for implementation. Code 0.4.8
[Deprecation] Form Layout ux-form-side removed, and ux-form-top deprecation. Code 0.4.8
[Deprecation] blockquote class has been removed and styles moved to element. Code 0.4.8
[Doc Update] Universal Icon Library Page Code 0.4.8
[Change] Department of Labor specific branding removed. All 0.4.8
[New Feature] jQuery Cookie plugin added as lazy loadable library Development 0.4.7
[New Feature] jQuery Modal Loader plugin added as lazy loadable library Development 0.4.7
[New Feature] Light Data Tables Styling added to Data Tables and Key Value Tables Development 0.4.7
[New Feature] CKEditor added as lazy loadable library (in Alpha Stages) Development 0.4.7
[New Feature] New Patterns (Clear Button Anti-Pattern, Add Item Pattern, Button Regions) Design Patterns 0.4.7
[Doc Update] Enhanced Accessibility page. Development 0.4.7
[Doc Update] Following UX supported libraries have been updated:
  • jQuery 1.7.1 > 1.7.2
  • jQuery UI 1.8.3 > 1.8.21
  • Data Tables 1.9 > 1.9.1
  • Modernizr 2.5.2 > 2.5.3
  • Full Calendar 1.5.2 > 1.5.3
  • Sugar JS 1.2.2 > 1.2.5
Development 0.4.6
[New Feature] Client Side Validation added as lazy loadable library Development 0.4.6
[New Feature] Documented the ux.override function Development 0.4.6
[New Feature] Documented theux.domSaver function Development 0.4.6
[Doc Update] Show/Hide Password and Character Counter have been moved to their own pages. Original Form Enhancements page removed. Development 0.4.6
[New Feature] Show/Hide Password now supports additional options to change show and hide text verbiage. Development 0.4.6
[Doc Update] Added custom stylesheet section to CSS Standards Development 0.4.6
[Doc Update] Added custom JavaScript section to JS Standards Development 0.4.6
[New Feature] Inline Icons styles added Development 0.4.6
[New Feature] Two new patterns added Design Patterns 0.4.6
[New Feature] Balsamiq Assets Workflow Process 0.4.6
[New Feature] Interaction Principles Interaction Principles 0.4.6
[New Feature] Google API plugin added as default script. Development 0.4.5
[New Feature] JoyRide plugin added Development 0.4.5
[Doc Update] Additional guidance for structure dropdown menu options Development 0.4.5
[Doc Update] Button Library documentation was updated to be easier to read. Development 0.4.5
[New Feature] 3 new button icons added: Group, Folder, and Urgent Development 0.4.5
[New Feature] Text Expander plugin added Development 0.4.4
[New Feature] DynaTree plugin added. Development 0.4.3
[New Feature] Popovers plugin added. Development 0.4.2
[New Feature] Full Calendar jQuery plug-in added as UX supported library Development 0.4.1
[New Feature] Video player plug-in added as UX supported library Development 0.4.1
[New Feature] SugarJS and SWFObject plug-ins added as UX supported library but do not have any ux specific documentation at this time. Development 0.4.1
[Change] Tooltips no longer need to be loaded via ux.load() Development 0.4.1
[Doc Update] Autocomplete When to turn it "on" or "off". Development 0.4.1
[Doc Update] Inline-validation (server side html implementation). Development 0.4.1
[New Feature] User Experience API and Lazy Loading Development 0.4.0
[Change] Functions now require the use of Lazy Loading: DataTables (client side), jQuery UI (core), jQuery UI Tabs, jQuery UI Date Picker, jQuery UI Accordion, jQuery UI Auto Complete, jQuery UI Button, jQuery UI Dialog, jQuery UI Sider, jQuery UI Progress Bar, Contextual Help, Show Password, Character Count, Keyboard Shortcuts, Notifications, Expandable Content, Expandable Containers, Modal Loading, Translation Component Development 0.4.0
[Change] Modal Navigation Warning functionality reworked Development 0.4.0
[New Feature] Icon Only buttons style added Development 0.4.0
[New Feature] Tabs (server side) Development 0.3.6
[New Feature] Wizard Component Development 0.3.6
[New Page] Configuration Documentation Development 0.3.6
[Doc Update] Modal Documentation Updated Development 0.3.6
[New Page] Form Enhancements Development 0.3.6
[New Feature] Hide/Show Password Development 0.3.6
[New Feature] Character Limit Counter Development 0.3.6
[New Page] Micro-Copy Standards Development 0.3.6
[Doc Update] Sub Section Hiding Documentation Updated Development 0.3.6
[New Feature] Block and Pull Quotes Development 0.3.6
[New Page] Keyboard Shortcuts Development 0.3.6
[New Feature] Special Styles - Credit card icon styling. Development 0.3.5
[Doc Update] Convention "* Indictes required fields" style change. Development 0.3.5
[New Feature] Application Translate Component Development 0.3.5
[New Feature] Mega Menu can be toggled on or off Development 0.3.5
[Change] Nav Out Warning - changed variable type and name, allows for warning message options Development 0.3.5
[New Feature] Selection Component using the form layout. Development 0.3.5
[New Feature] Call to Action Buttons Development 0.3.5
[Change] Changes to the Datepicker's default options. Development 0.3.4
[New Feature] New Utility Classes ux-hide-always, ux-inline, ux-block, ux-inline-block, margin-left, margin-left-none, margin-right, margin-right-none, margin-all, margin-all-none, ux-hide-print Development 0.3.4
[New Feature] Sub-headers Development 0.3.4
[New Feature] A-Z Indexes Development 0.3.4
[New Feature] Link Icons Development 0.3.4
[New Feature] Notifications Development 0.3.4
[Clarification]> Documentation Added for Disabled Form Fields Development 0.3.3
[New Feature] New Utility Class ux-form-wrapper for use with grid system and form layouts Development 0.3.3
[Change] HTML structure for container Header Buttons was changed Development 0.3.3
[Fix] .clear -> .ux-clear Development 0.3.2
[Clarification]> Which form layout should you use? Development 0.3.2
[Clarification]> Form layout built on semantic HTML. Development 0.3.2
[Clarification]> Form layout with jQuery Date-picker. Development 0.3.2
[Clarification]> JSF Require Field Implementation. Development 0.3.2
[Clarification]> Indicates required field, instead of denotes required field. Development 0.3.2
[New Feature] Out-bound Navigation Warning function Development 0.3.2
[New Feature] JSF Guidance - General JSF Guide Development 0.3.2
[Change] Tweaked HTML structure for Radio Button and Check Box List. Development 0.3.2
[Deprecation] Side by side layout of Radio Button and Check Box Lists. Development 0.3.2
[Change] Structural change to Form Layout static text implementation. Development 0.3.2
[Change] Global Footer is now part of the template. No more JSP Includes Development 0.3.2
[New Feature] Site Search Function introduced and documented Development 0.3.2
[New Feature] Flex Grid System introduced and documented Development 0.3.2
[Doc Update] Form Layout has been broken up into three separate pages. Development 0.3.2
[Clarification]> Documentation Added for Adjusting Column Widths Development 0.3.2
[New Feature] Expandable Table Rows Development 0.3.1
[Change] Client-side Data Tables Pre-sorting Development 0.3.1
[Change] Navigation has been reorganized. Development 0.3.1
[Change] Change-log notes moved to pages Development 0.3.1
[New Page] Conventions Development 0.3.1
[Doc Update] Structure Overview - Mandatory Optional notes added Development 0.3.1
[New Feature] Developer Tools Development 0.3.1
[New Feature] .ux-hide Utility Classes Development 0.3.1
[New Feature] jQuery Modal Windows Development 0.3.1
[Change] .dol-msg changed to .ux-msg Development 0.3.1
[New Feature] Form Layout System Development 0.3.1
[Deprecation] Cancel Button deprecation Development 0.3.1
[New Feature] Tutorials Development 0.3.1
[New Feature] Contextual Help/Tooltips Development 0.3.1
[Clarification]> Use of mini buttons within a table Development 0.3.1
[New Feature] Plain Text Buttons Development 0.3.1
[New Feature] HTML5 Placeholder Development 0.3.1
[New Feature] Weak, Strong Block Text Development 0.3.1
[New Feature] Tabs Development 0.3.0
jQuery Datepicker Development 0.3.0
Buttons Development 0.3.0
JSF Template Development 0.3.0
[New Feature] 960 Grid System Development 0.3.0
Form Fields Development 0.3.0
[New Feature] Expandable Content Development 0.3.0
[New Feature] Expandable Containers Development 0.3.0
Client-side Data Tables Development 0.3.0
Internal Page Styling Development 0.3.0
UX Review Process Development 0.3.0
Utility Classes Development 0.3.0

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